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Glow by Manfred Teh

Glow is a collection that are consisted of 16 1/1 light painting with a drone at night over the last 3 years of my photography journey. Another 16 pieces will be added once the collection has sold out.

Throughout my photography journey, light has been one of many theme that has inspired me. Whether it's day or night time photography, both offers different looks and feelings from the same location. Over the years, I have developed a fondness for night photography, we can dictates how a scene would look like and the feelings that it can evoke by either using just natural light source or artificial light source to capture a scene and create a story that the we want to portray.

Created in my signature style, "Glow" focuses on exploring how both natural light source and artificial light source can both co-exists in natural outdoor environments (with or without man-made structure) and combined together to create something that is out of this world and that us, human don't normally see.

Apr 2022
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