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Glory to Ukraine by Tristan Eaton

OPENSEA x TRISTAN EATON x CORE RESPONSE: NFT collection featuring a mural by Tristan Eaton depicting Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Painted in 2022 in Los Angeles, CA to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their time of war.

“Like most of the world, I’m horrified to see what’s happening in Ukraine right now. My heart goes out to the thousands of innocent people fleeing their homes because of a senseless war. While sitting half way across the world I felt helpless but compelled to act and create. With the motivation of my NFT collecting community and a box of spray paint, I knew I could help in some way.” - Tristan Eaton

Founded by Sean Penn and Ann Lee, CORE is a global crisis response organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities in and beyond crisis. In rapid response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, CORE was one of the first organizations supporting refugees in Poland and Romania, where it continues to provide critical support.

Apr 2022
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