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Gloopverse Genesis

Gloopverse is an NFT project focused on lore & storytelling with an emphasis on IP with some potential surprises down the road. The story of Gloopverse revolves around Simon Gloop. An average man who lives an average life. One day he was tired of his situation and had an idea. An idea that would change his life. He headed to his basement and got to work, deciding to make a portal to Gloopverse to make life less lame. Every day after work, he goes into his basement and steps into Gloopverse. A world full of expression, excitement, and adventure. The only issue with his portal is that it's completely random. Whenever he steps through it into Gloopverse, he never knows where he will end up.

Gloopverse is a 3888 supply (0.035E) collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded and created by a team of heavily experienced engineers and developers, with a heavy emphasis on IT and game development. Our focus is to deliver an experience, to the consumer that is out of this world.

Oct 2022
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