Glitchglyphs are an extension of Larva Labs' peerless Autoglyphs project and the ColorGlyphs project. Each Glitchglyph is a glitched version of an Autoglyph. Glitchglyphs are the result of a stress-tested graphics card trying to process an image. The amount I can make per hour is limited due to overheating. Each Glitchglyph is 8 of these images combined. These glitches are purely visual. All glyphs are made in batches of 16, so some burning of past glyphs may be visible in the sets of 16. Buying a Glitchglyph is not the same as buying an Autoglyph. We are not associated with LarvaLabs.

The graphics card I am using is an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. This card WILL BE stress tested to the point of no return after this project is done and will be documented. This project WILL kill my graphics card. The graphics card will be made into an art piece itself with the other parts.

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