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Gennady Goncharov Gallery

It is not the collection of facts of my life, it would be too simple - just get some truth, some tales and here is a number of events that have neither meaning, nor significance (while the purpose is most significant). Besides, while the so-called fact is not realized, it is as if it were absent, it is just a tale, a show. Thus, we need something different: like in weaving a base is needed, here we need sence. Therefore I think that I am not an artist. It is not a slip of tongue. I am neither a bad artist, nor a good artist or a very good artist. I am no artist. What I observe is not life as landscapes with cows and mood, but the life of mind and perception. A picture can appear or not and it does not matter. As it does not in every real life or real biography which has no beginning and no end, they just continue. There is nothing between the life and the man, to be more precise, there is a gap and one should see something in it: either God or consciousness.

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