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72 Names of God (The Creator)

The Zohar records Moses use of a combination of letters, at the splitting of the Red Sea. The three letter combinations are known as the 72 Names of God and found encrypted in the three verses, of the Bible, which describe this event in Exodus 14:19-21.

Kabbalah teaches these powerful spiritual technologies and the formula to overcome the laws of nature hidden for more than 2000 years. The 72 Names are not traditional, in the sense of names today, but combinations of Hebrew letters that have extraordinary power.

You can utilize these Names even if you do not speak or read Hebrew. Today truth seekers can utilize the power and energy these Names bring forth. Each of the 72 Names resonates on a specific spiritual frequency that can be tapped into by viewing, scanning, or visualizing the combination.

Pragmatically speaking, each person’s soul is out of tune from the frequency of The Creator. By using the 72 Names one can return their body and soul to the correct spiritual frequency.

Feb 2022
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