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Gangs Of Yorks

Gangs of Yorks… a world where crime, couture and canines collide.

In this world, the Ruffulini family dominates the treat trade in Blep City, and they’re recruiting. Somebody’s gotta make those treats. Only 10,000 would-be members will be accepted. Joining this family is a big deal, because family is everything. Do you have what it takes to be a $YRKI?

In this new series of collectible NFT characters, each unique lovable little gangster – inspired by Yorkshire Terriers and fictional law and disorder - is blessed with five attributes known as Yapbilities, which describe your furry friend’s speed, power, stealth and more. Yapbilities display here on OpenSea and on the project’s companion app - learn more and mint yours today on

Feb 2022
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