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HCFT NFT This is a drop of FZ Christmas NFTs showing faces covered with happiness at yet another arrival of the Christmas season. Each shows a face happy or excited, yet eyes are covered with the euphoria of Christmas happiness and excitements. All kinds of people are involved not minding their beliefs, languages, cultures, colours or race. Christmas is for everyone. There will be less than 2000 minted from 2022 to 2024. Holders of this NFT who hold it for one year (from one Christmas to after another year's Christmas) will receive a share from the music royalties of the Christmas single titled: "Amazing Grace Christmas" by Christian Levi Achinivu @fadapknfts, @fada_paiko who is also the creator of all Fire Zoo arts and projects. The strength of this project lies in the fact that Christmas comes every year and Christian's works are being well positioned for success through good promotions this year and in the coming years.

Nov 2022
Creator earnings