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Fundamentals of lightZ

Buy 3 and we will send a different NFT (0.015 eth) from our main project

If you buy 3 piece of "Fundamentals of lightZ" we will send you a "Dance off" NFT from our 3D project "Dance of lightZ". Our second offer is; if you have 3 "Dance off" we will send you a "Dance". Thats it.

Our NFT's will be tickets for our future shows. In short time we want to release our shows with great playlists. We will make our shows exclusive for our NFT holders.

These are your lighting plans of your future metaverse parties. Buy one and hold it till you want to party! We will be always here to help you for your parties!

We know you are a little confused right now

We cannot reveal our real life shows and designes like our names and faces. Thats why its harder to gain your trust we know it. Follow us, keep your eyes on us and you will see the process and believe that we are trying our best 7/24 to be better and better.

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