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Frost On My Windows

For the past seven winters I have captured digital photographic images of frost on my old New Hampshire farmhouse windows. When it is cold enough outside, warm air escapes from inside the house and condenses and freezes on my antique windows, forming fantastical shapes and colored patterns. Then the ice melts in the sun and disappears during the day, reappearing again at night in different shapes and patterns. I do not use artificial light or any heavy-handed post-processing techniques in this photography. The ice crystals are created by Nature, and the colors in these images are natural colors from outside refracting through the ice crystals. There are 3 series: an S series of small NFTs, often resembling plants and flowers, easily viewed on a smart phone; an M series of medium-sized images; and an L series comprised of large images. Some of my frost images are best viewed at 60"x40" to appreciate the remarkable detail in Nature's artwork. Visit for more NFT info.

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