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fourteen twenty-three

About this collection

ERC 721

Dedicated to sharing the love of Mexican culture with the world, Jarritos has remained at the forefront of culture since 1950, now an active participant in Web3.

Teaming up with Probably Nothing, the two have merged the old with the new, bridging the digital and physical - taking the iconic Valentine’s Day candy and reimagining it for the new age.

The collaboration blends fond memories of years past with Jarritos’ Mexican heritage, combining the color palettes of Jarritos’ nostalgic soda flavors into a take on today’s Web3 culture, something Probably Nothing has come to represent.

With the same loving warmth you feel skating the streets of Los Angeles, sipping a tamarind soda and hitting your favorite taco truck, Probably Nothing and Jarritos present: fourteen twenty three.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Xx J

Buy & Gift

Gift a fourteen twenty-three to a loved one or a GOAT. All you need to do is buy one from the verified collection page and send the NFT directly to anyone’s ETH wallet address.

Jarritos x Probably Nothing Jacket

A collaborative jacket commemorating the drop of fourteen twenty-three, proudly displaying the logos of Jarritos and Probably Nothing on an all-black silhouette. The jacket also features art from the fourteen twenty-three collection.

Black-on-black stitching, embroidery, patches, the works.

Jarritos x Probably Nothing Alebrije

An exclusive Carbonite Gray Matte PA 12 High Tech 3D Printed Material Jarritos x Probably Nothing Alebrije figurine.

Alebrijes are fantastically painted animal figurines and an iconic form of symbolic art in Mexican culture.

Alebrijes originated in Mexico City in the 20th century, and the idea and name are attributed to Mexican artisan Pedro Linares. The word Alebrije itself means “imaginary” or "fantasy".

fourteen twenty-three Print

An exclusive 24” x 36” museum-quality physical print featuring a select artwork from the fourteen twenty-three collection.

The piece features a skull with mandarin orange slice eyes - a nod to the legendary Jarritos flavor, and a blockchain address Valentine’s Day heart.

Burn Info

fourteen twenty-three combines the old with the new, the physical with the digital, to deliver a new web3 twist on the holiday.

Collectors of fourteen twenty-three have the opportunity to redeem exclusive collaborative merchandise created by Jarritos and Probably Nothing.

The burn window to claim these physical collectibles begins February 17th at 8:00 AM PST, and runs until February 19th at 8:00 AM PST.

Physical collectibles may be claimed here starting February 17 at

The collectible claimed is determined by the number of ‘fourteen twenty-three’ NFTs burned:

  • Burn 2 NFTs to receive a physical 24” x 36” print featuring artwork from the collection.

  • Burn 7 NFTs to receive a limited edition Jarritos x Probably Nothing: fourteen twenty-three Alebrije toy.

  • Burn 10 NFTs to receive an exclusive Jarritos x Probably Nothing: fourteen twenty-three Jacket.