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Fortune Seekers by Chae Tongyull

At its core, a fable is fanciful fiction—stories passed down through the ages to convey moral insights about the universe. But does that make their search for Truth any less real? In "Fortune Seekers," artist Chae Tongyull brings to life a cast of characters on a very real quest to unravel their own destinies. Masked in symbolism, these two pieces delve into the rich tapestry of Medieval folklore, where magic was palpable, and stories unfurled before our very eyes. Much like us, these characters seek to find fortune in a confusing world, and in doing so, explore the profound connection between imagination and reality.

These pieces are based on Chae Tongyull’s breakout series “Medieval Tales” from the 1980s and given new life through Midjourney.

Jan 2024
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