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Forgotten Runiverse Real Estate

There are 70,000 Land plots in the Runiverse divided into five types of increasing value and rarity: Homesteads (8x8), Settlements (16x16), Villages (32x32), Towns (64x64) and Cities (128x128).

A small portion of Land plots (10,924 plots) have been allocated to an early investor group and will be vested over time as the game develops and new areas are revealed. The remainder of the Land will be allocated to public land sales and airdrops for the community.

Forgotten Runiverse is a fantasy MMORPG based on the lore of the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult NFT collection where users can own and improve Land plots to benefit the community and earn rewards for themselves.

Each Land plot is unique and can be upgraded and customized by the owner, who can also earn from the use of the Land or rented to other players.

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Jan 2023
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