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Forbes 30 Under 30 2024

The first of its kind. See how the 2024 Forbes 30 Under 30 list has been uniquely authenticated and verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

The young changemakers on our 13th annual Forbes 30 Under 30 are putting their intelligence into artificial intelligence. They're automating more than ever, deploying AI in manufacturing (powering more-sustainable delivery routes), marketing (mass customized ads) and much more. As for the rest of the entrepreneurs: They're fighting climate change with carbon credit marketplaces, reinventing the 911 call, building banks and brewing up eco-friendly plastics. To assemble the list, Forbes editors (with the expertise of independent judges) evaluated more than 11,000 candidates, judging them on financials, impact, creativity and potential. The final product: 600 go-getters across 20 industries—and a peek into things to come.

Note: Exclusively for educational purposes and community engagement, and not for sale.

Nov 2023
Creator earnings
  • Recipient bio: Karen baert, ammobia's ceo and a stanford mba, and tristan gilbert founded ammobia to produce low-cost green ammonia. the world currently produces aro