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FOOsymDolism NFT art paintings

FOOsymDolism is my own direction in art, which helps me to express my inner world with the help of paints. Here I decided to combine two trends at once: Foodolism and Symbolism.

Art, expressed through the prism of food, cannot be ignored by people, regardless of their attitude to food itself. In my creations food is an artistic reproduction of our reality, love, desires and even fears. I decided to combine this with symbolism, which has become the largest trend in art, allowing people to simultaneously express the individuality of the inner world of each person individually and the whole society together.

Now each of my works reflects the symbols of life, that worries us when going to bed and that motivates us to get out of bed every morning and start taking action. As a real foodolist and symbolist, I finally realized that I had found myself and my place in this crazy and beautiful world at the same time. I hope you enjoy my NFT-art too.

Aug 2022
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