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Flow - artist - Patricia Lortie

My mind floats in the wind, my body drinks the water that carries me away. I belong to this planet; all that I am is borrowed from the ground I walk on.

The experience of the natural world reaches the core of my being. It opens up the connection to the mystic of being human and reminds me that I am part of an unexplainable and unbroken system.

Simple and profound earth bounding experiences shape my artistic endeavors. An afternoon laying on warm rocks while my father tries his hand at fly-fishing. The thick veil of cloud parting unexpectedly to reveal a glorious view of the surrounding summits. A quiet paddle on the surface of a mirror like lake. A slow float down the river chasing warm currents. All moments where existing in the world feel both simple and extraordinary.

In my artwork, I look for that feeling, over and over, chasing a profound connection with the world we live in. I attempt to revive the knowledge that I am part of the natural system. Because I only feel completel

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Apr 2021
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