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Five Deadly Rebels

The Five Deadly Rebels 📕 Book NFT is an ERC-721 token that unlocks the “Five Deadly Rebels” kung fu sci-fi book series featuring Psychedelics Anonymous and Rebels by Night Labs characters, as well as the audio book and comic book versions dropping in late 2023 👀

The 500 book NFT collection offers multiple book cover editions at varying rarities, including one 1/1 author signed book cover, seven 1/1 character book cover editions, and three 1/1 NFT chapter artwork by @jyxdi, @BatmAndrewArt and @warrickwong 🖌️

The seed phrase of a wallet holding .5ETH + 5% of royalties is hidden in the text of the ebook. Holders receive weekly clues to solve the phrase 🧩

Official Website

Mar 2023
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