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First Love Poem on the Blockchain from the poetry book A Lover's Fairytale

Written by KYRIAKI aka international on-screen superstar talent, artist Katie Chonacas. "A Lover's Fairytale" is Kyriaki's first poetry book on love. ALFT features 11 poems on love from Kyriaki's international travel experiences while in awe of an open heart, open mind for the culture, food, nature, and all the beautiful discoveries that the universe and God brought into my soul. These intimate pieces and rare artworks are by legendary artist Robert Sturman which were made into a series with polaroids before they discontinued the original Polaroid in 2001. I invite you into my heart and soul. I am so happy to connect with you and share this with your heart and soul. Much love, gratitude, and respect.
LOVE, Kyriaki


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