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Film Frames

FILM FRAMES - A 1/1 NFT Collection Shot on Film

Film Frames is a personal project from NYC photographer James Bartolozzi. The Question: What does a photographer, who mainly focuses in fashion, take pictures of during his free time? What are the things that, as a way to keep his eyes always open and “seeing”, give him the same excitement he had when he first picked up a camera? To answer this question, James carries with him a variety of different film cameras during his travels across the country, daily life in NYC, or local adventures in the area. Mainly using a Cannot GL17, Mamiya 645 Pro, or Mamiya RZ67, these are some images that are among his favorites. Cropped or Not Cropped - A highlight of the Film Frames collection is that it gives the purchaser the choice of leaving the frame as is or cropping to their preference. Easter Egg - some of the frames have small slices from other images in the collection. Can you find them?

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Feb 2022
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