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Feeling and Vibing

Èv van Hettmer in this NFT project connects her already finished painting on rejuvenated intimacy within the cyber space context. The body of the pictorial space in her painting as well as in the NFT is reduced to the loose abstracting typography. In this minimalistic approach she connects experiencing sensuality of the body and the unapologetic edge of the chosen language, that she uses as (her own) personal statement in a real life. Artwork „Feeling erotic again“, 2021 refers to the condition of feeling good and attractive about one-self again after a certain period of challenges or struggling. One feels erotic (attractive) again after being able to feel rejuvenation in the connection with own intimacy. This phenomenology of physical intimacy Van Hettmer now joyfully puts in the discussion confronting the material and cyber world, one next to each other by re-framing the same sexy artwork (painting) over again.

Oct 2022
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