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Feathers and Us - The Black Collection

9 1/1 pieces first collection (2nd part, the White collection on its way)

Feral doves (commonly known as pigeons) are the other city dwellers. In Barcelona, there are over 4000 pigeons per square Km. That’s a lot of feathers! Some consider they are a plague. Others just see birds, a free species, flying around.

I am fascinated by the human/pigeon loop choreography happening in the city’s main square. Screams, birds picking, feed them, screams, kids running through the flock, birds picking… This attraction/repulsion relationship is a never-ending source of wonder that I have happily tried and capture with my flash for 5 years now. I recently realized that somehow, I’ve become for some, truly not intentionally, the “pigeon girl”. Oh my god! I got pigeonholed!

About Céline Pannetier: She is a French Photographer based in Barcelona. As a Street Photographer her work was finalist in several SP Festivals. She exhibited her work in art galleries in various countries.

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Mar 2022
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