Lio Faridani

All of my NFTs are created from my Original Masterpieces.

Each purchase of my NFT will receive the real masterpiece itself, in its original, untouched, one-of-a-kind creation.*

To date, from what I know, I am the only person providing not only the NFT but the original masterpiece included in the price (if you choose to receive the actual painting)

“The basic concept behind my art is to evoke thought process, to enable a viewer to stimulate their thoughts and to depict in their own mind the images that are conjured up by my work. I do not favor one style of art over another. Each theme of art needs to be portrayed in different styles to arouse thought and interest. Whether through simple sketches or elaborate and extensive artwork, I prefer to express my ideas to the viewer via varied but distinctive styles of paintings.”

*Subject to the shipping cost paid by the purchaser.

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