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Fantasy Parks

About this collection

ERC 721

🌳 FANTASY PARKS 🌲Series 2 by National Parks NFT - built to extend beyond the real world, and bring fantasy worlds that bend your imagination. Learn moreJoin Discord

3 Collections in one! A unique approach to NFTs.

  1. Fantasy nature theme parks that blend world mountains, landmarks and landscapes
  2. Collabs with NFT projects to create PFP fantasy playgrounds in nature
  3. Partnerships with brands that bring 1:1 NFTs with utility
Items minted2,424
The Natparks Ecosystem

When you mint a Fantasy Parks NFT, you join the Natparks ecosystem. Over the past year our brand has extended to include our Natpark membership community, an e-commerce store with brand partners, a member rewards DAPP, a National Parks trip planner, and our popular national parks checklist posters. We're on the cusp of also releasing Park Friends - our real-world NFT treasure hunting experience.

Holders of V1 and V2 collections get extra gamification and rewards with Park Friends and access to all our digital and real-world experiences.

On-chain and on-wall artwork

We've had such great success with our National Park Checklist posters that we are continuing the tradition and giving first holders of each NFT the ability to claim a print.

You can check out some of our park poster prints at our online store.

Holders also have rights to commercialize the NFT art they hold, and we offer high-resolution image downloads.

How it works

Style 1) First minters will be able to claim their art print and will receive access to all Natparks store discounts, and upcoming projects including Park Friends IRL treasure hunts.

Style 2) Each week we will announce a NFT community 1:1 auctions, and each community offers different utility. Some offer physical or digital goods and experiences, some are charity-driven, and others are simply about the joy of creating a digital park for the community with that ultra-rare NFT status.

Style 3) Each week we will reveal partner NFTs. Partner brand 1:1 NFTs are paired with physical products from T-shirt brands, coffee brands, outdoor branded hats, park-themed playing cards, stickers, notebooks, beanies, backpacks, etched water bottles. As products are auctioned, they can be claimed via our online store. Some of the partnerships are super exciting, like a year of coffee beans.

The 1:1 Auctions

1:1 Auctions can be viewed at our Auction page here:

The Auctions offer multiple things:

• Unique opportunities to get some great perks by our partner brands, some offering new products to the holder for a whole year

• Bidders get to set the price - an auction let's our community decide how much they value the perks

• Will keep our community buzzing and thriving each week with new auctions promoted with our brand partners