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Fantasia de Ananas

This is the first NFT drop by photographer Irene Cruz.

Irene Cruz creates her artworks using natural elements and blue lights. Most of her photographs and videos are depersonalised portraits interacting with nature. She photographs feature a cinematographic atmosphere, and combine fiction with reality, rendering her work highly recognizable.


All NFT in this collection come with a limited edition 20x30 framed print.

This is my first series on NFT format, photographs taken entirely for this digital purpose.

I have started a series with women and fruits in syrup, because we always say "everything is already done", but it is not true.

As creators, we collect impacts/inspiration and transform them, we can do something similar to others, but in photography it is totally impossible to copy exactly one of these photos, the person portrayed is unique, the moment is unique, the gaze is: mine.

There are always ways to innovate, to evolve and to create something new, like this new


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