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Fallen Saints Collection

Fallen Saints is a collection of unique, one-off pieces that combine CGI with hand-drawn digital art. Each carefully crafted Saint has an individual purpose, 'raison d'être'.

The artwork contains unlockable content, typically a raw render, a 360-degree 3D view and behind the scenes clips of creating the artwork.

As an artist & individual, I'm an advocate for mental health. I know personally how the creative process can be a powerful, helpful tool. That is why 10% of all proceedings will be donated toward non-profit mental health charities. For this collection, I have chosen (Take Care), a campaign for taking care of young minds by MIELI Mental Health Finland.

I'm proud to be the 1st Finnish principal artist represented by NFTstore.Gallery. Fallen Saints is the spearhead collection featured at the gallery's launch.

I welcome you to enjoy my works.

– Ville Kuusilehto

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Sep 2021
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