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The F*CK FIAT Collection is born with the overwhelming momentum in which BITCOIN is being adopted all over the planet, making it quite obvious that we are entering a new decentralized digital era.

People are realizing that their currencies have no intrinsic value, and are only backed up by trust in their governments. BITCOIN is giving many reasons to believe that it will overcome fiat to become THE dominant global currency.

We are looking into the eyes of a historical moment with the potential collapse of Nation States as we know them. As monetary systems lose value, we will see a new HODLer elite emerging and freedom for humanity.

The first launch of the F*CK FIAT Collection contains NFTs for each of the highest value bills of the fiat currencies globally. This first launch will have one available NFT per fiat. These have been cartoonized and include laser eyes. Purchasers of our NFTs foresee that the laser eye movement will become a historical driver of BITCOIN to infinity!

Mar 2021
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