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Vieri Bottazzini | Eyes of The Earth

Years ago, on a remote Asturias beach I found a beautiful sea arch. Then, I saw a cave, entered it to frame the arch from inside and noticed it had a double entrance. It felt like looking out at the arch through The Eyes of The Earth. Simply epic.

The feelings of that moment in time will stay with me forever.

Then, I imagined how incredible the scene would be with water in the cave. I had to wade in the ocean when the tide started to recede, water chest high, camera bag above my head, to get to the cave in time for that.

The window of time for that was very small, the hike treacherous.

I returned many beautiful times, until in 2019 my heart broke. Rocks filled up the cave, blocking both entrances.

In 2021, the ocean removed most rocks. Entering the cave is possible, but the cave is full of dirt and rocks, the floor is now much higher. Creating images like these might never be possible again. Reprocessed for this collection, these 6 photos carry all the emotions of my time there.

Oct 2021
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