Exempt from oblivion

“Exempt from oblivion” is a collection of 73 NFTs showcasing the results of artistic creativity and imagination augmented by the computer. The collection consists of 16 animated videos and 57 JPEG images. The first video represents the cluster of interrelated synonymous words containing the thesauri monostich “Exempt from oblivion crypto pleasures float, undead and ethereal down the river of Thoughts”. Each of the next 14 videos represents a different word of the monostich. The last video represents sequentially all words of the monostich. The 57 JPEG images represent selected frames within each of the videos. The collections of joyful bodies, imaginary faces, colorful landscapes, letters and musical motifs have been created in Photoshop and Cartoon Animator by using the artist’s custom software for representing words as images and musical motifs. The software is based on patented methods for language generation (CIPO-Patent-2704163).