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Everybody has a smile, by RAPT_10

During my career as a soccer photographer for Argentinian sports magazine El Gráfico and CONMEBOL, I had the chance to cover 10 World Cups and as many as Copas America. The idea I gathered is that spectators go to those events with a different state of mind. Yes, to support their nation, but mostly to party with people from different environments and cultures.

They spend time preparing themselves to go to an important date. It takes hours for these, mostly youngsters, to get their faces painted, wear disguises, adjust clothing - with the final goal to show where they come from, who and how they are going to support their favorite teams and nations. No matter whether they are from Australia, Bolivia, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, South Africa or Peru.

The arena is their stage.

Reviewing my archives of thousands of pictures, I picked those 50 for the collection which, in my view, best illustrate that, as a matter of fact, 'Everybody has a smile'

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Aug 2023
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