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Every Child Matters Limited Edition - Artist - Jeweliyana Reece

A collection of 44 artworks inspired by a desire to do something about the residential school tragedies. Some are 1 of 1’s. Some will be limited edition releases. Jeweliyana is donating 10% of her earnings to the Elizabeth Fry Society in Calgary (Treaty 7 land) where she lives.

Note from Jeweliyana: I’m not sure who will find their way to this collection and where in the world you live. I don’t even know if this tragedy made world news. I just know that where I live, in Canada, something awful happened. Thousands of innocent children lost their lives in residential schools. A shameful smear in our history books. We can’t undo or fix the past but we can do something today to make a brighter future for someone. That is why I am donating to Elizabeth Fry Society. They help mothers and children, many of whom are indigenous, who are in the struggle of their lives right now. ‘Now’ is where change happens. If you feel compelled to purchase my art, know that you are part of the solution.

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Oct 2021
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