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Ethiopia by Joey L

My life will forever be intertwined with Ethiopia. In my teenage days, this country is where I first found my vision as a photographer. Later, Ethiopia would be where I found my home and my soul mate. ETHIOPIA is a monolithic collection of my images captured over the course of thirteen years. It is an ode to every region of the country and a celebration of all the unique peoples found within. These seemingly disconnected cultural threads are woven together in a cohesive visual style in order to truly see Ethiopia— which itself is the sum of all the diverse lands and theproud people who inhabit it.

The dignified vision found in the portraits is not to obscure other searing realities within Ethiopia, such as the wealth inequality and traumatic conflict spread across the country. It is to highlight the prestige I have always recognized here. This collection is about the timeless and pure things that have withstood the politics of the day, and to challenge the way the outside world can perceive this country. This is my tribute to the enduring Ethiopia.

Harar is famous for cha’at- a natural and highly addictive stimulant. The most famous strands come from Harar, and are a large source of income for the region. Aweday Ch’at Market, Oromia Region, Ethiopia.

Location - Ethiopia Medium - digital capture Series - Ethiopia

Jul 2022
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