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Ether according to the ancient Greeks was the fifth element of the Cosmos. The primary, pre-existing and creative force of matter and Life. The life-giving energy emanating from the soul of everyone! It is the source and seat of the life-giving heat as well as the father of the Clouds. He is the one who warms the Earth and the souls of people. It was referred to as the upper part of the sky, the pure and clear that illuminates and transmits light! It is the ancient energy; a state of continuous rotational spiral motion!

It was back in 2006 when I started working on the Ether project. I traveled very often then between the north and the south of Europe, but also around the globe. During my travels I had the opportunity to capture unique phenomena that occurred in the stratosphere; the place where the ancient Greeks believed that the gods lived. The place between Earth and Cosmos.


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