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Erasing Borders

Around 8 billion human beings are roaming the earth this very moment. Each one of us living varied experiences in different climates, cultures, and environments. Driven by insatiable curiosity & forever fascination with the world; I left being a physician to pursue my passion of travel & photography. Each trip expanded my mind, opened my heart, & I began seeing the world in a different light; becoming part of an ever smaller & more connected world. I aim to bring this connection into focus through the images in this collection. Even though we come from different nations & cultures, we all share one thing: The human condition. Our innate ability to empathize & feel each other's plights & joys is what unites us; Erasing the borders & restrictions of ego, time, & space. 

'Erasing Borders’ by Tony Menias. 33 1/1 images from 15 different countries.

Aug 2021
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