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Enter Light / Entre Luz

This is a special NFT collection commemorating my solo exhibition at the PRPGmx residency gallery in Mexico City.

In 2012, I lost partial vision in my right eye, due to a rare blood disorder. My father's health began to fail a few years later, and he subsequently developed total vision loss in both eyes. My impairment, coupled with my father's, initiated my current project. Enter Light explores visual disabilities and impaired vision, how colors, natural shapes, and forms influence our personal history; and how our human system adapts, grieves, and adjusts to significant physical impairment. A modified camera lens distorts the shape and color of the objects I photograph, pushing formal objects into a spectrum of emotions and colors. This work is based on conversations with my Father after he lost his eyesight and a year before his death. At its heart, the work wants to go beyond the two-dimensional object and unlock an impression by drawing upon the spectators' lived experiences.

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Feb 2022
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