Rainforest Token

  1. We believe that climate change is an existential threat to everyone's wellbeing.

  2. We believe that our gains from crypto will mean nothing if the world will become increasingly unlivable each year.

  3. We are building an equitable future for the Punks, Doges, and Crypto Harambes in our wallets.

This project ends when there is no rainforest left to buy and we have achieved the UN's Millennium Goals

APRIL 6TH 9:19AM UPDATE: The Rainforest Trust received our first 20ETH. Here's the receipt ( http://bit.ly/Rainforest20ETH ). That is the collective power of us preserving 18,066 acres of rainforest in trust in less than ONE MONTH, just through sheer will, and crypto #gainz. Unfortunately, gas is too high for standard tokens, but gas-free layer-2 trades are coming to Opensea soon! Keep buying those Doge's all of your beautiful people.

Standard = 1 acre of rainforest put in trust

Silver = 10 acres

Ether = 100 acres

Doge = 1000 acres

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