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Endangered forms

The EcoStart project is a multifunctional platform for Impact Investing using blockchain technology. It is another fundraising tool for investing in green business. Our project is to support startups and companies that develop new technologies, products, processes or services to enhance environmental stability. To raise funds, we have created the NFTcollection of postage stamp-styled pictures of endangered animals. The collection consists of 32 "stamps", issued in 125 pieces. 6 more collections will be released: "The most amazing trees of the world", "The most amazing animals of the world", "The most unusual fish", "The most unusual birds", “The most dangerous insects" and "Exclusive collection». Each primary buyer of an NFT token will additionally receive EcoStart project tokens in an amount equivalent to the nominal value of an NFT token. The holder of the exclusive collection will receive shares of the EcoStart project company for 5%.

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Feb 2022
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