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End of the World Pizza #1 Mythic Edition

About this collection

Have you ever read a comic book that turns into a video game? In this interactive cyber-noir series, you are the detective hunting a serial killer inside an artificial world where AI has stolen everyone’s face.

Killer Utility:

-Redeem a physical comic book that works with the free AR app to unlock cover to cover animation, sound, mini games and more!
-Take part in holder giveaways for AR enabled items like skate decks, t-shirts, prints, stickers and more.
-Gain exclusive access to future EWP Metaverse events

The AR app is available now App Store // Play Store

Books ship in November.

Drivers // Daemons // Pizza // Rides

49.2% minted123 / 250
Interactive Narrative Re-Defined

Don't just read your comics, play them! In End of the World Pizza, an augmented reality comic built with the Unity game engine, you take on the role of a detective searching for a digital killer. Use your tools to hack the comic, dox characters, collect evidence and find the killer. In this one of a kind interactive narrative, the deeper you read, the more the line between fiction and reality begins to blur.

Arcade of the Dead

To celebrate the launch of issue #1, we've created the Arcade of the Dead inside the Metaverse. On launch day, those who visit will be able to unlock 5 sample pages of the comic and test out the free End of the World Pizza AR app (available to download now on the App and Play stores.)

The Future was Yesterday (AR Shop!)

Once you've snagged your comic token, head over to our store to redeem your physical comic and check out some of the other AR enabled items that work with your free End of the World Pizza AR app (available now on the App and Play stores.)

About the Artist

Rob Shields is the artist, writer and developer behind numerous AR comic books including the 2020 Auggie nominated Neon Wasteland. His first AR comic work appeared on the cover of Heavy Metal #289 along with the Heavy Metal AR app which he created for the issue. In 2022 he teamed up with Pizza Hut to augment pizza boxes around the world and give away free pizza for a year to his community members. EWP is Rob's most advanced AR comic to date. See more of his work at