End of the World Pizza

In the year 2099 dying is easy. Deciding what to do with your afterlife, well, that’s a different story.

Welcome to End of the World Pizza a collection of 128, 1/1 undead drivers who can’t be bargained with, can’t be reasoned with and will not stop, EVER, until your pizza is delivered.

Each driver is hand crafted and as the collection grows, active holders will have chances to win limited animated and 3D variants of their driver as additional NFTs.

When all 128 drivers are sold an animated manga-inspired comic book will be created. Drivers with variants will play a larger role in the story. Physical AR enabled copies of the comic will ship to all current holders once the book is finished.

Other prizes will drop along the way as we unlock the official road map.

Learn more about the project lore and read the full road map at www.EndoftheWorldPizza.com

Learn more about AR enabled comics at www.NeonWastelandGame.com

Thanks so much and welcome to the end of the world.