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Crypto Drunkenness

Indulge in the Intoxication Revolution: Embrace Drunkenness Emochain!

Embark on an extraordinary journey curated by the visionary artist Arseneca as he adds a new level of exhilaration to the blockchain with Drunkenness Emochain. Immerse yourself in a tangible consumer good that captures the essence of inebriation like never before.

✨ Each Drunkenness Emochain is a creation of Arseneca, expertly channeling the euphoria of intoxication through a simple click of a button. With each click, a wave of intoxicating bliss is synthesized and imprinted onto the electronic chip nestled within your Emochain. Experience the exhilarating rush as you embrace the spirit of revelry.

Discover the exclusivity of these unique pieces, representing specific moments in time when intoxication was at its peak. Each Drunkenness Emochain becomes a wearable testament to the liberation and ecstasy found within the realms of altered consciousness.

Jun 2023
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