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ElmonX x Pure Evil Genesis Bunny's

It's all about the bunny…

The name is quite fitting for an artist deeply immersed in a dark world. He has even faced some of that darkness within himself. As a child, he was "fascinated by guns" and once borrowed a cousin's shotgun to play in the fields but accidentally killed a rabbit, an act he was tramuatized by. "The hunter game became real. Since then, I've always regretted this terrible deed," he has reflected.

His remorse was so profound that he adopted the bunny motif as one of his hallmarks. He explained, "I was sitting on my bed sketching in my black book, and the bunny just appeared with PURE EVIL next to it. It symbolizes retribution and that you have to pay for your actions." He also noted that the image is convenient for his street art, since it's a tag that takes only a few seconds, allowing for a quick escape "if you are running through the streets at night."

Jun 2024
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