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Elite Doge Club Official

Friends, DID YOU KNOW these facts about Elite Doge Club (EDC)...aka The NFT of the people?

OWN A MOMENT IN NFT HISTORY: Bump Doge - 1st profile picture avatar to feature 100,000 unique variations.

HAND-ANIMATED by Julien Deragon who worked on Hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones & Stranger Things.

LED & FOUNDED by Maximilian Lekhtman - who runs one of the most successful digital advertising agencies in the world.

FIRST TIME NFT BUYERS: "I love the Elite Doge Club Collection because it's cheaper, safer, & more inclusive than most NFTS".

VETERAN COLLECTORS: "EDC is a clear winner as I can mint 200 quality NFTS for less than 1 overhyped png!"

PRICING & GAS: "It's almost 10x cheaper than most mints at only 0.01 ETH! AND Gas/NFT is less the more you mint!"

DOUBLES AS MINT PASS: That's right, if a GOT animator, price of 0.01 ETH, and sound leadership weren't enough, each NFT in this collection is also a mint pass to upcoming IRL events, discounts, early access to future mints more!

Nov 2021
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