DITTE EJLERSKOV - The Intro Collection

This series explores the tools and grids of 3D programmes and holds several concepts. These were my first test mints from March 2021.

In another time or very much elsewhere there was a sculpture. It was made by a woman so therefore it depicts women. Its main intend is to ask you to look inwards and learn to lean into love.

Frozen in time these women represent hormones fighting within the human body. Oxytocin and adrenaline.

For women oxytocin (the love hormone) is released during hugs, sex and especially after childbirth.

The opposing hormone could be adrenaline - the intense fight or flight hormone released to save us in a stressful situation.

The sculpture wants to tell you that opponent hormones cannot be present in the human bloodstream at the same time. It is either or. It is time to look at this battle from all angles.

The sculpture tells you that one has to win. In your reality which one do you feed?

This token is a reminder for you.

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