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EGGsly OG by Karrie Ross 2021

EGGsly™: Find YOUR EGGsly. Twitter @eggsly-eggsly

Each NFT is hand assembled and some are animated, in photoshop which makes them each one-of-a-kind, and were dropped STARTING SEPTEMBER 3, 2021

FIND YOUR EGGsly™ — there is one in each of us. The imagery expands as the series evolves, like life. I started with the EGGs and added accessories, colors and scenes as i went along... i am very happy with the growth that has happened and by #65 the chicken legs showed up...and who knows whats next!

There is currently a collectable collection in the works... watch this space

EGGsly™ by Karrie Ross, shares her love of EGGs and the actions of observation and play is exampled in each piece of art. Pieces 1-10 are the building parts of EGGsly the remaining are their adventures.

©2021 Karrie Ross all rights reserved, no derivatives or commercial use allowed.


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