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TJ Thorne - The Ebb and Flow Collection - My Search For Serenity, As Told By Water - 100 1/1 NFTs

Ebb and Flow is a collection of 100 water abstracts that tell the story of my search for emotional and mental freedom. I obsessively photograph water, watching the way that light and reflection move across its surface, learning and anticipating its movement and behavior. In my battles with mental health and alcohol addiction, nothing else in my life brings me to the place of peace that water does. Whether I’m happy or sad, when I’m photographing water through my viewfinder, everything is okay. All of my worries, my stresses, and my self-damaging thoughts get washed downstream and I feel that peace. I feel reprieve. I feel... content.

Each image in this collection was created over the course of four years during moments when I was at peace with myself. I hope that viewing these images can bring you at least a fraction of the gratitude, peace, balance, and contentment I felt while capturing them.

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Jun 2021
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