Dz Scarcity

Scarcity Obscura … the concept is not new. Masters practiced it without knowing their historical impact–by painting over a painting. Either they didn't like what they painted and ended up adding layer upon layer, or they just needed another canvas for fresh work.
Essentially, I do the same, except it’s 2021 and my triptych canvases are digitized into hi-res NFTs. My throwback to the Masters is that I paint over my acrylic canvases, and obscure them forever. Before I do though, I scan and digitize each panel for NFT posterity. Now you see it. Now you don’t. My Aberration triptych series; INFINITE-FLOW-MANIFESTATION is a new twist on an old glitch. I’m a legacy canvas painter who lives and loves to experiment and take risk, and NFT seems to be a natural outlet for my curiosity. I’ve displayed in galleries and shows around the world, but by far, NFT is the most exciting adventure I’ve ever travelled.

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