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Dreams of an AI teenage boy - by Somdip Dey

This collection will consist of only 12 unique artistic images created by a Machine Learning algorithm (implemented using GAN - Deep Learning), named AL, trained on numerous human artists and executed on images, some scrapped from the internet and some personal to the inventor of AL, Somdip Dey. The 12 arts in this collection are each one copy only and the only 12 created by AL.

50% of the total revenue collected by Somdip Dey will be donated to "food waste" and "Zero Hunger" related causes and charities.

Creation specifcation of each art:

Each art in the collection is the only piece of its kind, which was created by AL, trained on more than 46.7 billion images over 500 hours on HPC servers.

About the creator of AL, Somdip Dey:

Dey is a TEDx speaker, Embedded Artificial Intelligence scientist, engineer and entrepreneur, tackling food waste by leveraging technology. Dey has published more than 70 intellectual properties and is one of the top Embedded Machine Learning scientists.


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