Dreamr NFTs - Dreams to Reality

Dreamr Labs mints free NFTs for the dreamr community when we unite and make a dream come true! The only way to get one of these exclusive NFTs is to help make a dream come true when the dreamr community decides to activate1

Dreamr is building an ecosystem of social networking and decentralized financials tools designed to make it more practical to pursue a big dream from anywhere.

The Dreamr App is available on iOS and Android and the $DMR platform token by Dreamr Labs gives powerful benefits and platform governance rights over dreamr's development roadmap and platform policies and user agreements. Dreamr app users can earn DMR tokens through our in-app rewards program called Giving Dreams Power.

Dreamr has big plans in the NFT space, including giving our users ownership of their content.

Read more about the dreamr platform at https://dreamuniverse.org/whitepaper

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