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Years ago, there was a Zoo near a NASA Space Station at Cape Canaveral. One day, a loud alarm sounded off, to evacuate the zoo. The animals overheard a news alert about an asteroid headed straight for the zoo. Captain Franco a monkey who has been trained as a spaceship pilot hears about the asteroid. He hurries to the Zoo and helps break out all the animals, and takes them to the space ship. They see the asteroid heading straight for them. The ship then shifts into Triple G-force, and they miss the asteroid. Suddenly, the main cabin lights go out. they get tossed around and feel dizzy. Miraculously the animals survive this horrific experience, and everything seems fine. They celebrate that they made it. (That is until the lights come back on). The animals go into panic mode as their bodies have been fragmented with other animals’ bodies. They look like a puzzle thrown on the floor just landing everywhere. All the animal's bodies were split and rearranged.

Nov 2021
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