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DOSA's Cards of SUHO

'DOSA' is a mobile game that introduces the story of heroes called ‘dosa’, set in Korean traditional culture and fairy tales, and is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2024.
We plan to launch a webtoon based on 'DOSA' in August 2022, and participate in the G-STAR game exhibition in November. In addition, we will continue to share our game development status through our official SNS and homepage.
Therefore, purchasing 'DOSA' NFT will be an attractive investment.

'Cards of DOSA' are trump cards with characters from the game.
Each card set has a total of 54 cards, and no card sets with the same character will be released.
Some cards contain one number and one letter each, and if you connect them in order, you can get a hint related to the characters.
JOKER Cards are the original design concept drawings of characters.
The colored card contains the character's name or hint related to the character as unlock content.

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