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Distracted Identity BlockParty

DISTRACTED IDENTITIES by Jeremy Austin are 15 mischievous characters getting loose at the Blockparty, your character is hanging out with a few friends and your whereabouts is determined by when you arrived at the party. Once the party is full (all the blocks are collected), the composite artwork will be created and the individual blocks will be updated accordingly to show who you are hanging out with, a hint of the other characters will be visible within each block to show who is hanging either side, above and below.

  • Airdrop: 1/15 edition of the composite artwork titled DISTRACTED IDENTITY BLOCKPARTY airdropped to each Distracted Identity holder.
  • Custom Naming: You will get the opportunity to append a custom name to your Distracted Identity.
  • Token Refresh: Distracted Identities will be updated with animation and a track produced by Mr Rhodes exclusively for the BlockParty.


15 items